Frank Stone

Frank has been designing architectural elements for public and private venues for over 35 years. He takes pride in working closely with the client to deliver projects that are beautiful as well as functional. He respects the client’s wishes and welcomes the collaboration in finding the most elegant solution to the design challenge.

Frank’s artistic skill provides him with a range of design tools to cover nearly any job. His versatile talents enable him to conceptualize a design from simple conversations with a client, or to recreate entire pieces with accuracy and historical sensitivity.

In the early 1970’s, he worked as a self-taught stained glass artist and eventually began etching, glue-chipping, and deep-carving plate glass for many projects.
In the 1980’s his work began to include kinetic stained glass sculptures that needed brass bases. This led to more and more brass sculpture, which in turn found him making tables, walls, screens, benches, and fountains in brass and glass.

Frank has always been concerned about the environment and believes the salvage yard is the best place to find the beginnings for his art. His one-of-a-kind furniture, sculptures and fountains result from his reworking the brass and copper found there.

Frank maintains a fabrication staff and studio in Clayton, Wisconsin and his work is always on display at Frank Stone Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“After thirty-five years of back and forth with clients I find it to be one of my favorite aspects of the process.”
–Frank Stone

Frank Stone